Christina Bethell, Ph.D.


Adverse Childhood Experiences


Dr. Bethell is a Professor at Johns Hopkins University in the Bloomberg School of Public Health, where she advances a new integrated Science of Thriving to promote early and lifelong health of children, youth, families and communities. 

With roots in culturally-competent, community-engaged approaches to assessing and improving health and well-being, she is the founding director (1996) of the national Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative (CAHMI).  The CAHMI operates to promote “top down” (context sensitive knowledge and data to reveal the big picture and possibilities), “bottom up” (methods to ensure conscious, real time feedback to track progress around shared vision) and “inside out” (relationship-centered strategies to ensure co-creation and innovations for real change). 

She founded the National Data Resource Center for Child Health (, efforts to engage families as partners in care (e.g. and consortium focus on mindfulness in pediatrics.  She led the design of a widely endorsed national agenda to address childhood trauma and promote healing and flourishing and continue to advance policy, practices and public knowledge about the opportunity for healing and thriving in the midst of ongoing adversity.  

Christina earned an MBA an MPH from the University of California, Berkeley and PhD in public policy from the University of Chicago. She teaches Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Healing Through Revealing methods and is an avid student of transparent communication, presence and human evolution.  She writes poetry, dances and believes that connection with ourselves, life and others is the source of our creativity and joy.

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