Check-in begins 5:30pm | Michael Pollan Book Signing 5:45pm


Based on a series of promising, small scale studies, FDA has given approval for Usona Institute to proceed with a new drug development program for psilocybin for the treatment of major depressive disorder and has given approval to Compass Pathways to proceed with a similar program targeting treatment resistant depression. Although interest among clinicians and their patients is high, the vast majority of psychiatrists, psychologists and primary care physicians have no knowledge of the research base for these two agents. Physicians that treat mental health disorders are likely to field questions from patients about these novel agents. Because psychedelic medicines, such as psilocybin, have a long and complex history of human use—including widespread potential misuse in the 1960s-- clinicians also need to better understand the story of how the field has come to the place it finds itself in. This presentation will utilize a discussion format to explore the history of psychedelics, their current status and likely future clinical uses, should data collected to date be borne out in larger scale studies.

Hilton San Francisco, Union Square
Continental Ballroom


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